Build Your Confidence And Feel Empowered To Be The

Best Mom And Woman You Can Be

In A Safe And Supportive Community Of Moms Like You

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you spend so much energy taking care of everyone else that you have nothing left for yourself.


other moms seem to have it together. "Why can’t I? Maybe I’m not cut out for this.”


you could really use some mom friends who will tell you

that you're NOT messing your kids up and that you're NOT alone!

“I love my kids so much, but sometimes being a mom sucks the life out of me.”

“Outside of being a mom, I don’t even know who I am anymore.” 


A lot is expected of you, all the time.


Add in your other responsibilities — house, job, spouse/partner, friends, family…


It’s easy to see why you feel overwhelmed.


You know self-care and investing in yourself is important, but it’s hard to make it a priority when you don’t even know what you need!

what if you could...



Feel supported as part of an ongoing community of mamas who encourage and help one another

have a

safe place

Have a safe and nonjudgmental place to share your wins and challenges as a mom and woman

kick mom guilt to the curb

Make your personal development a priority so you can feel more confident and empowered to be the awesome mom and woman you are — without the mom-guilt

work through the hurdles

Learn realistic, actionable things you can do to work through the hurdles that motherhood brings

If you’re looking for solidarity

while you bring out your best self

as a mom + woman , then 

momUP — Upping Your Mom Game

is right for you!

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There’s mom groups.


And then there’s this   mom group.


momUP mamas are ready to better themselves as

moms and women.



Part of taking care of your kids —

is taking care of yourself

what will i get as a momUP member?

A private community where you can connect with moms like you on all things motherhood AND womanhood.


Ongoing support, encouragement, and non-judgy tips to help you rock your mom game.


Twice-monthly guest expert training on a wide range of topics that will help you with things like confidence, self-care, time management, your cycle, and so much more.


Helpful resources available at your fingertips whenever you need a little extra support.


A book of the month with a monthly book club night. Not a big reader? No problem! You can still join in just to hang out!

meeting (1).png

Weekly “coffee chats” (or judgment, mama!) where you can take a break from the day and get to know your fellow mamas.


Our momUP membership is currently not active. 

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As a mom to two young boys, my life is always full — laughter, loud

playing, occasional tantrums, and weird smells. 


For a long time, I held painful secrets that very few people knew about.


I’ve lost two babies to miscarriage.

I thought I’d done something wrong — that I was broken in some way. I had no idea how common miscarriage was...yet no one talks about it.


In my search for answers, I started to realize that so many topics surrounding motherhood and womanhood get swept under the rug.


The overwhelm. Loneliness. Fear that we’re messing up our kids. Loss of identity. Putting ourselves on the back burner. The mom-guilt.


As a mom, I’ve felt all those things in spades. It led me down a path of physical, mental, and emotional breakdown.


I desperately needed support, encouragement, and to know I wasn’t alone. I finally realized that finding mom friends to stand in solidarity with me was the piece I’d been missing all along.


Choosing to surround myself with a tribe of supportive mamas was a game-changer in helping me work toward becoming the mom and woman I wanted to be!


Today, I’m on a mission to help mamas like you become more confident, fulfilled, and empowered to be the best mom and woman you can be — and it starts with you.


you will...





Be part of a community of women who always have your back

Understand yourself better so you can show up as the mom, spouse, and person you want to be

Be able to let go of mom-guilt and replace it with

confidence and empowerment

Never have to feel like you’re alone again because

we’re in this together!


Here's to upping our mom game!

Our membership will be back at a later date. Check back.

The answers to your questions...

How do payments work?

You have two payment options as a momUP member. You may set up a monthly recurring bill that will be auto-drafted each month based on the day you join (for example, if you join on the 15th, you’ll be billed on the 15th of each month).
Or, you may pay for a full year’s membership in one payment. This option will save you the equivalent of two months of membership!

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You may cancel your momUP membership at any time. Payments will not be prorated if you have not completed your current billing cycle, and refunds will not be issued. *If you purchased an annual membership, you will not be refunded.

What if I can’t attend a live training/coffee chat/book club meetings?

Every get-together we have, whether it be a training, coffee chat, or book club meeting will be saved to the Facebook group, so you can always watch at another time.

Who is momUP for?

momUP is for any mom of all different parenthood experience levels who wants to up her mom game! Part of taking care of your kids is taking care of yourself, so a major emphasis will be placed on personal development, self-care, self-discovery. Some of us have little ones, some of us have recently become empty nesters. It’s the diverse experience of the mamas in this community that will make it special. Women who want to be part of a safe, supportive, encouraging, and action-oriented community of moms are a great fit for momUP.

I have a different question you didn’t answer.

I got you, mama. Email me at and I’ll make sure you have all the info you need.

I’ve been a part of mom groups before, and they have had some judgmental vibes. How will momUP be different?

This is one of the critiques I have of online groups as well, and it’s one of the reasons I felt compelled to create a judgment free zone in momUP. Mom shaming will not be tolerated in this community and we’ll have a team monitoring the comments and posts in momUP.

Do you offer a free trial of the membership?

There is not a free trial for momUP, but mama, for less than the cost of one cup of Starbucks per week, this membership is a steal! I’ve evaluated the cost and value of momUP a dozen times (I even conducted a focus group for input!), and I can assure you that the resources and trainings we have lined up are worth every penny and then some!

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Our momUP membership is currently not active. 

Check back later! :)